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Welcome to ImStuck.co.uk

Hello, my name is Steven Flett and I have been running my computer support business since 2005. In that time, I have seen the computer industry change immensely since the start of home computers.

Keeping up with the latest tech is a full-time job. New styles of computers are coming out all the time. If you feel that you are in the dark and confused by new technology, I can help.

My job is to help people get up to speed with latest tech and have someone to call on. I find it very hard to list the broad range of services I can offer, so I have briefly listed items throughout this website. Please contact me if you wish me to expand on any of my keywords.

I'm able to work with anyone that's keen to learn. I have spent many hours studying Ease of Access (Accessibility) I have the skills to adjust the computer around your needs and make it easier to use.


For many years now I have worked with people with Sensory/Physical/Learning difficulties. I have been lucky enough to help some people use their computer better. I custom the computer/mobile/tablet around the person and their needs. From £20ph

Sticky Keys - Siri - Dictation - Ease of Access - Assessment


We all lead busy life and this technology is being thrust upon us at an alarming rate. From apple to android people run into problems and have a lot of questions. Why not book a question and answer session with me and have training on your own devices in your own home?

If you're not sure where to start, I have devised a training manual with 28 categories of computing.  Download the training manual From £25ph

Office - Cloud - Photo's - Share - Social Media - Email - FaceTime/Skype - Apps - Broadband Bills - Mobile usage


I can make roaming videos, capturing the spirit of events, such as weddings, parties, gigs, showing your business and what you can do. I can edit onsite via iPhone or MacBook Pro. I have a fast turnaround and can get footage online within a day.

From £30ph £230 per day*

Repairs and MOT

When I started this business, it was all mainly computer repairs which something I still do but if the computer is old I would advise replacing it. I will advise you on new laptop/computer/iMac. If you have a serious fault I can help you get it sorted and advise on backup/data recovery.

All computers need an M.O.T. to be checked over for unwanted software & browser extensions. £25ph - £60

Backup - Upgrade - Virus - Adware - Malware - Update - Storage - SSD

Website design / Social Media Training

I help small business/bands understand social media and web design.  I meet you to build the website and provide training in web design and social media.  This crash course takes a day and your website will be online.

We can also move on to cover video editing using various devices such as iPhones, Go Pro, Samsung phones.

This is a good way of giving you website quickly, with full training to manage your website and social media.  This is a very cheap way to get a foot on the internet marketing ladder. Website form £30ph £230 per day

Business Consultation

If you are a small business, I can provide a question and answer session. Helping you to keep up with to date with the latest technology and smarter working, including cloud storage & social media marketing.

£30ph £230 per day

Email service - Smarter Working - Cloud - Calendar - Office - Share - Backup


Steven Flett

The Tech Guy